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Who We Are

There is an ever-increasing reliance on nonprofits to address the world’s most persistent issues.  Public support from individual donors and sponsorships represents almost 80 percent of nonprofit funding in the Hampton Roads, and with every contribution, donors and sponsors affirm their faith that the nonprofits they support will adhere to the highest standards of trust and effectiveness.  We take their trust and their generosity very seriously, for it is through this partnership of nonprofits that we make a meaningful difference in our world.  The Hampton Roads Black Nonprofit Alliance formed in 2022 as a unifying voice to educate, promote, protect, and strengthen the Hampton Roads nonprofit sector.  Through our collective of consultants, we are able to offer well needed assistance whether you are just starting, revamping, or growing your nonprofit through education and networking.


 Our Members

Member Nonprofit Organizations » Our member nonprofit organizations are based in Hampton Roads, and range in size, from those with annual budgets of less than $500k serving their local communities.  Most importantly, our nonprofit members represent diverse cause areas: human services, health, religion, veterans, children, seniors, animals, conservation, and others.

Commercial Collaborators » Hampton Roads Black Nonprofit Alliance collaborates with third party businesses for specialized services including public outreach, fundraising, technology and data management, legal and regulatory compliance, strategic planning, and resource development.  Our membership includes these collaborators who help increase the scope of nonprofit impact.


Technical Assistance

Group Consulting
Founder & CEO 1:1 Guidance
Group Workshops
Board Training
Human Capital Management Training
Marketing Strategies
Leadership Training
Program Development Assistance
Annual Leadership Retreat
Resource Management
Networking Opportunities
Grant Calendar & Reminders
Financial Management Training
Grant Writing & Sponsorship Request Training
Leveraged Opportunities
Collaboration Opportunities
Hands-on Support & Growth Strategies

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